Discover Part A of the latest chapter, "Catharsis," by Alex Skeffington Metal Atelier. Here, vulnerability merges seamlessly with artistic expression, marking a significant departure from my previous works. I delve into the depths of my emotions to craft a raw and authentic experience for the wearer.

Inspiration for this series ignited during a transformative visit to the Salvador Dalí exhibit—an experience that ignited my journey to shed fear and wholeheartedly embrace my artistic potential. Within this pre-collection, you'll discover the embodiment of my innermost feelings and recent experiences. Over the past year, I navigated life-altering challenges that pushed me to the brink of darkness. Yet, it was within a breakthrough moment that I rediscovered my path back to the light. Guided by spiritual insight, I embarked on a profound journey of self-discovery that culminated in this collection. The first five pieces in the Catharsis chapter symbolize my journey through post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The inaugural piece, "Oscillation," is a meticulously crafted, deeply weathered, and asymmetric ring, designed to encapsulate the profound weight, darkness, imbalance, and overwhelming nature inherent in PTSD. For those unfamiliar with the nuances of this condition, imagine it as a complex labyrinth of bewildering emotions. Unpredictable triggers surface unexpectedly, insidiously infiltrating one's life. External stressors only intensify the "fight mode," as if this tumultuous emotion takes on a life of its own, demanding delicate navigation akin to a fragile situation. "Oscillation" symbolizes the profound sense of self-misunderstanding, confusion, and imbalance that afflicts those grappling with PTSD.

"Transcendence," the second creation in this series, embodies the profound concept of transcending ordinary limits—a journey towards resolving inner dualities and achieving equilibrium. To confront this newfound emotion, I embarked on a journey of self-exploration, courageously confronting the darkness that threatened to engulf me and diminish my authentic self. In this introspective journey, I uncovered the realization that my true essence had become obscured, reduced to a mere flicker amidst the shadows. The "Transcendence" ring, the smallest in size within this collection, serves as a poignant representation of my emotional state, reflecting the diminishment of my genuine self during this period. The deep textures within this ring represent how I presented myself at that point—a façade of composure while an inner tempest raged within, epitomizing the art of "faking it until you make it," where a smile conceals the inner turmoil—a phase often described as "cracking."

The third piece, “Rupture,” reflects the pivotal moment of self-realization and rebalancing. Intricate cutouts throughout this band ring symbolize this breakthrough moment, marking a distinct departure from the previous phase. "Rupture" symbolizes my journey in understanding the root causes of my imbalance and the necessary realignment of my energies. It represents a breakthrough—a transformation driven by my renewed commitment to self-care, faith, and the rejection of fear.

The fourth and fifth pieces were crafted in unison to symbolize the harmony between feminine and masculine energies required to restore balance, signifying the release of darkness and the embrace of light. "Duality" is defined as the recognition of the coexistence of opposing forces or contrasting elements, such as darkness and light. "Duality I." is the fourth piece in this series, while "Duality II." is the fifth.

During my journey, I envisioned a path of radiant white light leading to an exquisite door. The fourth piece represents the feminine aspect (yin), while the fifth piece embodies the masculine aspect (yang). Despite their similar designs, the fourth exudes a lighter essence compared to the fifth, yet both convey the same message of this beautiful path and revelation. They employ negative space to symbolize this pathway and the capacity to capture and harness light, leaving darkness in their wake.

In summary, this series showcases a remarkable evolution I have undergone in my life, born from a place of vulnerability, self-discovery, and the courage to confront fear. Each piece serves as a testament to my journey from darkness to light, reminding us all that you're not alone and emphasizing the power of faith, resilience, and acceptance. 

For individuals currently dealing with PTSD, I've elevated and/or incorporated a range of practices to support well-being, including meditation, hypnosis, journaling, physical activity, spending time in nature, practicing gratitude (even for having PTSD, which may sound unusual but trust me, it works), mindful eating, educating yourself and loved ones about PTSD, practicing breathwork, and balancing feminine and masculine energies. Additionally, immersing yourself in therapeutic frequencies or music, whether awake or asleep, can promote mental relaxation and facilitate healing. I extend my heartfelt empathy to those facing this challenge and wholeheartedly wish you success on your path to healing and resilience.

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Duality II.