CHAPTER II. "The Prologue" is heavily influenced by music. At the beginning of creating this chapter, Alex listened to strictly 80s punk rock blaring through the studio speakers creating some serious vibes, but then Spotify lead her to listening to some 80’s classic hits.  Finishing off The Prologue, Alex’s studio vibe staple, upbeat and deep house music while having her personal strobe light gave the finishing pieces exactly what this chapter needed, just that little bit of “extra” she always seeks.

Although music is the primary influence behind this chapter, there are some emotional influences from experiences during that time which were key to some of the pieces inspiration within The Prologue. 

During the first chapter, most if not all pieces were created heavily under the influence. This time, Alex decided to create in a completely sober environment. Although the whiskey, champagne and wine were missed, the experiment was exciting to do and she loved how each of the pieces turned out, just as much as the first chapter. 

Each freehand surfaced piece holds unique organic forms consisting of heavy oxidized .925 metal. Other elements included within this chapter are black pearls and healing crystals. Each piece holds a unique story and reason as to why the particular piece is designed. (Stories are included in the description under the product page).