INTRODUCTION: “Inception” consists of all of the items that benchmark the Alex Skeffington Metal Atelier company we see today. Every piece was created with the intent for just Alex to wear, no intention whatsoever was its purpose to be sold. Not that she wasn’t open to it or shy about that, it was really just her trying to achieve the look she was trying to complete within her daily style. She found that styling metal components within her looks became more exciting than styling garments (which came as a shock because she absolutely loves to style clothing). But the more she made, the more she understood that once she discovered styling metal is her main passion, she had to make more. One piece lead to another, than another, etc., etc.

Wearing the pieces she created during Paris Fashion Week 2018, the raw, oxidized .925 caught the attention from many buyers, other collectors, street style photographers and more. It was during this time when the first offer to purchase the Gears of War ring occurred. Alex soon realized that this could actually be a legitimate business which she wouldn’t mind at all because she absolutely loves messing with metal, healing crystals and unique objects. Returning back to Toronto, she started to develop her business plan for the Alex Skeffington Metal Atelier company, and the rest is history (told within each chapter of her story).

Every piece within this particular chapter is incredibly special as they hold many memories and sentimental value for Alex. 

“Thank you to everyone who has supported me from the beginning. It brings me great joy that still, to this day, some of the first ever pieces I made are some of the best sellers. That makes it so real for me and pushes my limits to do even more.” -Alex