Chain V.
Chain V.

Chain V.

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Chain Length: 22”

Material: .925 oxidized silver

Weight: 29g

Description: All Alex Skeffington Chain Link necklaces within the “Numeral Series” are one of a kind, adjustable, handcrafted fabricated textured links. Every link is individually soldered and textured, one by one to ensure the highest quality possible. As Alex loves to style her chains in numerous ways (hence the series name) such as adding a few different chains together, wrapping around the waist, laying within a belt loop, placed on the head...the freedom each Numerals Series necklace from them being adjustable allows the wearer to achieve endless styling options. 

*Please note that every chain is one of a kind and will have similar chains replenished within 3 weeks after the item is sold. If the item has sold and you wish to have a similar chain in a faster time frame, feel free to email us at with your inquiry.