Studio Sounds

Welcome to the Alex Skeffington Metal Atelier "Studio Sounds". Every .925 genderless statement piece of jewellery is created, if not conjured up from the sounds that blare through the Metal Atelier speakers. 

For Alex, music is her main source of inspiration for all .925 silver creations. Either it be for her collections, made to order purchases, or custom orders where Alex requires a playlist from her client in order to get into her clients vibe to develop a truly personal .925 statement accessory.

Studio Sounds within the Alex Skeffington Metal Atelier range from deep house, funk, pop house, rock, punk and more. If you like a mash up of music, then be sure to tune in monthly to vibe with the “Studio Sounds”.

Did you know that the "Tracks" texture was created by Alex moving to the sounds of deep house music? This method is still used for every .925 oxidized silver "Tracks" ring today.

Tracks I.-Ring-Alex Skeffington
Tracks III.-Ring-Alex Skeffington