Large Springbok Necklace
Large Springbok Necklace
Large Springbok Necklace

Large Springbok Necklace

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Horn Height: 24cm

Necklace Length (including pendant): 25”

Material: .925 Silver and Springbok Horn

DescriptionThe “Large Springbok Necklace” is a one of a kind statement piece inspired by living in the wilderness. Incorporating a male springbok horn to create a unique and oversized pendant, paired with the signature Alex Skeffington adjustable chain. Each link is individually textured one by one and soldered by hand to ensure the highest quality possible. This .925 silver chain is adjustable which allows the wearer to create different lengths in order to achieve endless styling options. 

Springbok horns naturally fall from the animal and is personally selected by Alex herself. Wrapping the signature oxidized .925 texture “Burnt” down the male horn hugs the natural curves, leaving a lasting impression on every angle viewed. 

This necklace can be worn on the neck or placed within two belt loops making a statement apparel accessory.  

*This necklace is one of a kind, if this particular style is of interest but not in your size, please email for inquiries.