In Through The Looking Glass
In Through The Looking Glass
In Through The Looking Glass
In Through The Looking Glass

In Through The Looking Glass

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Pendant Length: 8cm

Pendant Width: 4cm

Chain Length: 22”

Overall Length (laying down/not on neck): 25”

Material: .925 silver, Crystal Quartz

Description: This unique one of a kind, double layered Crystal Quartz is wrapped in the signature “Ornate” setting but with a new variation to the Alex Skeffington signature setting. In order to showcase the beauty of the stone and to highlight the crystal’s features... an open back of the setting takes place giving this crystal the little bit of “extra” Alex always seeks and loves.  

The name “In Through The Looking Glass” came from placing the pendant against different colours and shades to highlight these features through the pendant. Styling with jewellery is the benchmark of why Alex Skeffington Metal Atelier first came into existence. In Through The Looking Glass resonates with this factor two-fold as the crystal quartz is set with an open back ensuring that this necklace is always going to match whatever is worn with it. The design itself is unexpected, a little bit extra, but classic at the same time.

Due to this unique style of stone and setting, the chain placed with the pendant is shorter than most of the other Alex Skeffington chains as it is meant to be level with garments to balance the outfit of choice regarding tone and placement. May it be bare skin or a garment, both styles look unique, edgy and elegant all at the same time with this length of chain and setting style for this particular healing crystal. Although that is the initial design, all Alex Skeffington chains are always adjustable and can be at any length given the amount of links provided.