Alex Skeffington Custom Ring


1. Select the stone. Do you have a stone already that you want built into an Alex Skeffington design? No problem! We can create something magical with your sentiment. Keep that close to you for step two. Don't have a stone yet but have an idea of what stone you'd like? Let Alex know this during the consultation process and send reference pictures as if you already have the stone. 

2. Style which stone setting you would like paired with your gem. (The stone setting is what holds the stone in place).

3. Decide which band texture you would like customized with your stone and stone setting.

4. Consultation process. Email Alex with pictures of step 1, 2 and 3 along with your ring size. Not sure what your ring size is? Check out the "ring chart" at the bottom of this page to find out. 


  • Ornate Frame-SMALL
  • Ornate Frame-BIG
  • Shattered
  • Liquified Metal
  • Melted
  • Hammered
  • Burnt Flame


Band width sizes come in a variety of sizes. During your consultation with Alex, please specify if have a specific band width size in mind.

  • Tracks  
  • Melted Metal  
  • Stacking Ring Texture  
  • Liquified Texture  
  • Erosion Texture  







Q: "What if my size isn't how I want it to be once I get the final item?"

A: Sadly, with the custom stone setting finalized, there is no way to resize due to the delicacy of the stone and finishes used to create your beautiful piece. Double and triple check what your size is before confirming your order. Highly suggest to size yourself throughout the day as the body fluctuates along with exterior temperatures to avoid any confusion of sizing. 

Q: "What if I want a custom necklace or bracelet?"

A: At this time, only custom rings are available. Stay tuned for more details regarding other custom items by following @alexskeffington_ on Instagram and signing up for our newsletter listed at the bottom of this page. 

Q: "I don't have a stone, but I would like to have (example) but I do no know where to find it. What can we do?"

A: Not a problem, I have amazing suppliers and would be happy to help find you your perfect stone. Please send reference pictures and/or specific healing traits you wish your stone to have for Alex to use as a guideline during your consultation. 

Q: "I love the stone and band settings but want to have a difference source instead of a stone, is this possible?"

A: Potentially. Depending on the delicacy of the source. I have worked with teeth, bone, horns, fossils, lava, etc. Please send pictures and the item name during the consultation for more information. 

Q: "I have the stone I want to be incorporated, how do I get it to you?"

A: I will provide a shipping address during our consultation. Please send the bill with tracking once sent, this will be deducted off of your invoice. 

Q: "Is my custom item refundable or can I exchange it for a different Alex Skeffington item or store credit?"

A: All custom items are final sale and cannot be exchanged for store credit, other items or refunded.  

*Please note that every custom piece requires a non refundable deposit of $500 CDN to be submitted before production. During the consultation process, Alex will quote the remains of the custom order.