How To Style Chains: Part I.

"Boot Harness II."

Today’s studio vibe session focuses on something you probably wouldn't expect... The brand new Alex Skeffington Metal Atelier "Boot Harness II." silver chains.

Below are some shots from the photoshoot for Chapter III. “The Summer of Covid” where we styled the silver boot harnesses in three very different ways (excluding the main feature photo). Check out how we styled the heavily textured silver chains listed below:

Boot Harness II.-Boot Harness-Alex Skeffington

1) We styled the .925 silver chains as a belt. 

2) We wrapped the boot harness chains around the men’s combat boot without the under clip. (Can be used on women's combat boots as well).

3) We clipped the boot harness under-clip and used it as a key clip and/or key chain. 

Every silver chain from the Alex Skeffington Metal Atelier is bold with unique, original textures. The silver boot harnesses have clip-able chains for the wearer to style however they want and adjust accordingly.  

We have created a new section within our website called “Systems” which are the Metal Atelier most transformative creations that manifest into extremely unique styling options. Check out all silver chain systems by clicking the button below.

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